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We are an ADN program and are interested in knowing how other NUR programs are assessing/evaluating critical thinking skills in their curriculum.

Rebecca King

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The AD program in which I teach uses clinical simulation exercises in the clinical setting to assess and develop critical thinking skills. Other types of exercises are used in the theory/classroom setting. The clinical simulation exercises depict a patient care situation that is specific to whichever area the student is assigned. The student is then asked several questions related to "essential and desirable" care of that paticular patient care situation. The student must be able to discuss all "essential care" to earn a minimum passing score of 76%. Any score above 76% requires that the student be able to discuss "desirable care" for that simulated patient situation. For example, it is "essential" that at a suicidal patient be monitored to prevent self harm. It is "desirable" that the RN would spend time with the patient to promote self-worth, encourage ventilation of feelings, decrease isolation, encourage involvement in therapeutic activities on the unit, and so on...


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Please describe your clinical simulations. Are they case studies? Is this a packaged program, or did you construct these activities yourself?

We use concept maps to identify student understanding, especially misconceptions about patient information and nursing process.


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Hi I have been given the assignment of improving our new nurse less then 1 year

clinical practice ability.The issues are recognising problems then communicating them to the physician.They also need help with critical thinking and assertiveness.It is a huge process any ideas that I can build on.Sam

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