Whats in your nurse purse?

  1. Just an off the wall question, and it may help newer nurses. What do you pack in your "nurse purse"? On a day to day basis what do you pack to work and keep readily available?

    on my person i have my ears, a few flushes, pens, notepad , sm led flashlight, Badge, shears, personal cell, spare gloves, wallet and brain.

    If i charge, pagers and Charge Cell phone.

    my bag.
    -Fast facts for Critical Care
    -Mosbys Diagnostic and Laboratory Test Reference 13 Ed
    - Littmann cardiology II on me. A backup Classic IISE (surprised how many teammates forget their ears).
    -Binder with P&P (policy procedure) Unit protocols (post cardiac arrest management, dka odds n ends signoffs on EJ insertion etc). I orient new staff.
    -Few pairs of hemostats and trauma shears.
    Big ass TQ actually a lg penrose drain works great as a tourniquet for lg pts.
    - personal supply of Advil, APAP, tums, cold meds and albuterol mdi.
    - notepad
    -Steno pad (my brain)
    -pens and sharpies
    -Spare small LED light.
    -Spare batteries for flashlights pagers etc. (ours are kept under lock n key)
    - Water bottle
    - Snacks n such for when you cant get away.

    My locker houses a spare set of scrubs, socks, my street clothing, a few books Teas coffee, EmergenC... crap.

    I spent awhile in EMS before transitioning to nursing. I now reside in a county hospital ICU. Were deemed "essential personnel" in the event of a MCI, large scale disaster, terrorist attack etc. While in my previous career i learned how important it is to be prepared to stay after or on a scene for an extended length of time. Extracations, SWAT stand offs etc. And sometimes well after your watch is over.

    To translate to a nursing perspective, what if? How many have thought if you get held over will you have enough personal items to suffice? Personal Meds, food, water etc. Family plans kids, pets etc.
    Not only lg cities (ie Vegas). But small communities. Think rural mid west and a lg Tornado hits. (Katrina/Rita/Harvey, Jolopin).
    Hospitals have a contingency supply of food water etc but should you rely soley on that if your hospital is inundated with patients?
    Food for thought.
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