wanting to switch to Burn ICU from LTC

  1. I've been a BSN-RN for 1.5 years. I did med-surg for 6 months and am currently a charge nurse at a sub-acute facility. I worked as an aid in a PICU and MICU/SICUwhile in nursing school, and this kid who was a burn victim sticks out in my mind-I loved helping with his dsgs, etc. My question is-could I transition from LTC to any ICU, esp. burn ICU? Or have I limited myself?
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  3. by   Zaynab
    I think as long as you are willing to learn new things then you have not limited yourself. I started in the Burn ICU as a new grad and found that I was always in reach of someone with more experience, never left alone to muddle through. If you think you have the temperament to deal with the big scary mucky burns then go for it! I find that attitude sometimes has more benefit than lots of ICU experience.