There is still hope if you have been inactive for less than 2 Years as a RN!

  1. Hi. I know many of you out there with plenty of years of experience in your specialty may feel discouraged because you took time off to either care for your loved ones, personal reasons, raise a family, etc, and decided to come back but hospitals are not hiring simply because its been more than a year since you last worked in a hospital setting, or simply because they are taking too long. There is still hope out there. Nurses PRN, a per- diem and travel staffing agency may be able to help. All we ask for is 1 year of Recent Hospital Experience in your specialty within the past 24 months and a current Nursing License in good standing and we may be able to help. I am the recruiter for San Diego, CA, and I need Critical Care/ ICU/Neuro ICU RN's and Urgent Care/ER RN's to fill the needs that I have. I work with most of the top- tiered hospitals in the area and I have plenty of work if you need something to supplement your income. From per- diem, to full- time, contracts, and travel opportunities, we are a one stop staffing agency. I have shifts in the AM, PM, and Mid Afternoon, Monday- Sunday. Give me a call, I would like to help and please visit our website at or call me at 888-830-8811, and ask for Toni. Have a nice day and again, thank you for all the hard work and long hours all of you guys put in. Nurses PRN appreciates all that you all do for us.
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