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  1. Hi, I am a canadian RN hoping to move to the US. I have one yr of SICU experience in a high risk unit specialize in heart surgeries and transplants. I have an web cam interview with TMC soon and I just wonder what kind of questions i should expect. i'm very nervous about it and I understand that the health care system in the states are quite different from the canadian one; so any idea/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance guys
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    It would help if you had a department or hospital but I understand :-) welcome to TMC Houston lots of research and technology in medicine than anywhere else:-) I would advice you to familiarize yourself with AHRQ website for things like sepsis, CAUTI, VAP protocols. Most interviews are always about patient satisfaction and conflict and time management. If you are going to CVICU kinda area expect hemodynamic questions especially if you have told them you have experience ;-) otherwise you should do great summers are hot though! Lol
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    Thank you Bihar my interview yesterday....many surprises :s
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    Please do tell..... ;-)
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    I will private message u :s
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    Hi eCCU, i dont have enough posts to send PM yet so i'm just gonna reply here.
    Interview was okay, i answered most of their questions well, some question threw me off so i was not sure how i did overall, then when it was my turn to ask questions....i DID NOT like what they have to offer.
    The pay is not that great, the the benefit is compare to what i have now in Canada, esp the vacations!!!! ......
    But today, they called me with an offer of fulltime day-shift, in IMU for 6months before i can move on to ICU because they believe i need time to adapt to a new environment....I have 48 hrs to make a decision, i'm in a delimma, any suggestions?
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    Hi Kissunshine check you inbox