Switching from ER to the ICU - Help!

  1. I recently relocated for an ICU job and am not adapting well (or at least I feel that I am not). I was an ER nurse right out of college and became used to the fast-paced environment, knowing what I needed to do without orders, and having a great hunch about what was going on with my patients. However, I wanted to learn new skills and I love the acute patients. To make sure I give the ICU a fair chance, I am looking for some tips on how to get out of "ER mode" as well as how to become a great ICU nurse. Anything is appreciated and thank you in advance.
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  3. by   jennycRN
    Ha! I came to the ICU from the floor and could use a little bit of the ER mode! But I know what you mean about missing that confidence! My strengths from coming from the floor include that I am always trying to think a few days, weeks down the road: looking out for ways to maintain skin, mobility, etc. But I feel way too slow in those critical situations, haven't yet learned to anticipate the orders, etc. But that was part of the reason I transferred was to learn something new.

    Be patient with yourself! We all bring our strengths to the table, and part of growing is stepping outside of our comfort zone, and being willing to learn :-). Best of luck!