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  1. I'm considering relocating to Houston or Dallas next summer. I have been a RN for 6 years with my BSN. All of my nursing experience have been in medical surgical/telemetry. I have been working as a travel nurse since 2014. I'm ready to come off the road and start a permanent job. I'm ready for a new learning opportunity and experience in a different speciality. I'm really interested in working in the ICU, CVICU preferably. I would love to work at a level 1 trauma center and teaching hospital that performs heart transplants. It would be a dream come true to take care of heart transplant patients.

    I have been looking up the requirements for several CVICU positions in the Dallas(UT Southwest) and Houston(Memorial Hermann) area, and they are all wanting applicants with at least 1-2 years of experience in CVICU or ICU.I'm just curious if anyone know of any hospitals that would except applicants without any ICU experience.

    Lastly, I'm just curious to know what the hourly base pay rate is for nurses with 6-7 years of experience in Dallas and Houston? Is there a huge pay difference between med surg tele and ICU? Are nurses paid based on their years of experience or speciality? Im also curious to know what my hourly rate would be if I was fortunate to get hired into a CVICU?
    Thanks in advance for reading and responding to my post.
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