New Grad: What job to take if I want to be CRNA?

  1. I have a job offer to work as an RN in a CVICU at a level one trauma center when I graduate. I also have an interview at a generalized ICU that is also level one trauma. If offered this job, I will be completely torn as to which to take. What do CRNA school prefer more? Cardiovascular or a generalized ICU where you will see everything? This would be one of my deciding factors. Thanks for any help you can give me.
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  3. by   Blackczar22
    For applying to most CRNA school, you can work in any critical care unit. They dont specify that it has to be a MSICU or CVICU or Neuro ICU. Most require at least 1 full year critical care experience and some require more than a year. Also, some schools give preference to CCRN certified nurses.
    I work in a MSICU and I also will be applying here soon, to schools after I'm fully vested for retirement within my current hospital...(Never too early to plan for retirement...hehe)
  4. by   ANJ286
    Just wondering if experience in CVICU is preferred over a generalized ICU. I think the more invasive lines and vasoactive drips, the better, right? What experience would they value the most? I've been told CVICU is best, but I don't know if this is true.
  5. by   Blackczar22
    Lol, when you say CVICU is preferred over MSICU because of invasive lines and drips....(hehe). Well to inform you I work in a MSICU where its a daily thing to have Preceps, swans, IABP, and all other invasive lines you can think of. Not to forget Vasoactive drugs are used if not more in MSICU cos of the wide array of medical and surgical conditions they admit. I can close my eyes and titrate neo, levo, dopa, dobu in my In my ICU the only patients we dont see is neuro and open heart cos they respectively go to NICU and CVICU respectively. I think CVICU is awesome, but i think they dont see a wide array of patients with many diseases like in MSICU.
    CRNA schools want to make sure you have had experience in caring for a bunch of critically ill patients with different stuff. Hope this helps.

    PS...Good ICU nurses in CVICU, MSICU, NICU, PICU, BICU all rock... :-)
  6. by   ANJ286
    I am not saying, I'm asking. Just wondering if a CRNA out there has an opinion. Most of my patients will be post open hearts. I will lack variety of pts, but am ok with that if it benefits me when applying to CRNA. All of my pts will have swans IABP IJ etc. Plus I like CV stuff.
  7. by   aCRNAhopeful
    Take the CVICU job if it interests you more. I think either would work but most people would agree that CVICU will help you more with getting into CRNA school.
  8. by   ANJ286
    Thank you!! Do you already have a job in ICU? Where do you hope to get in?
  9. by   aCRNAhopeful
    Yes working in an ICU now. I'm still getting my RN-BSN and will then apply to the schools in IL and possibly the university of Iowa.