NCLEX and ICU/CCU Panel Interview

  1. I am almost terrified right now. Tuesday I take the NCLEX and then Thursday morning at 8am I have panel boad interview for a critical care and ICU RN positions. Both are available. I have been working as a care tech in a Level 1 trauma hospital for a little over a year. I am a new graduate and have been studying my butt off for boards. Well I guess the brighter side of things is atleast I can possibly walk in there on Thursday as a Registered Nurse. I have had one other panel board interview and did not land the job. I did a lot more research and practice this time. Does anyone have any advice as to what I should bring to the interview, how I should answer the question and what type of questions I will probably receive. Any information would be helpful. Please HHHHEEELLLPPPP!!! Thanks!
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    First of all Congratulations! I sit on the interview committee occasionally for our TSICU candidates. Questions we ask include giving a scenario about a pt you had during clinicals that took a bad turn. We aren't necessarily looking to see if you knew everything but more that you knew there was a problem and how you responded. ABC's, EKG, labs, xrays, etc. We are a Magnet hospital so Nursing benchmarks are big, what do you do to prevent VAP, CAUTI, SKIN? Central line infection! What can you offer them? Jobs are scarce in places so what makes you stand out vs the other applicants? I know there is more but the hour is early! If I remember more I will let you know, hope this helps and GOOD LUCK!
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    Thank you so much I really appreciate the feedback any and all helps!!