Medsurg to CCU

  1. So I've been a nurse for almost 4yrs. I have worked medsurg/tele my whole career. I work in a small hospital so my unit is different than other medsurg units. We acquire and hold higher acuity patients. We hold for geri-psych, psych holding, detox, ortho tele, stepdown CCU, and now swing bed LTC patients. I am Team Leader and take a team of 6-7 patients on a 20 bed unit. I am ready to learn more but I do not want to go back to school. I graduated with my BSN. I received my CMS RN and my level 3 clinical ladder this year. I've taken extra credits at work to merge into another specialty. I've talked w another unit manager and when a position opens I have the oppurtunity to transition to CCU. I am intimidated by the intensity of working in CCU. I'm cozy in my crazy-chaotic bubble of medsurg. I will be shadowing prior to taking a position. Any insight or tips that could help me would be appreciated!
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