Interviewing for a PCU position in MN

  1. I am interviewing for my dream job in two weeks. I have experience in a TCU but have never worked in a hospital before; except for my clinical rotations. I am writing to the nurses out there working in this area for some advice:

    1. How is a typical day like in your unit?
    2. What kinds of patients do you come across?
    3. What is your nurse to patient ratio?
    4. What advice do you have for me with regards to interview responses that will make me stand out?
    5. I will be meeting with the nurse manager in the unit am to work in; would it be advisable to ask for a tour in case that was not part of the plan? I would like to have a visual feel of what my day would be like.

    I am very excited about this next step am about to take, and while I love my current job, I am ready to spice things up and take the next step into my nursing career. Thank you all (all you nurses) for what you do. You are all appreciated. Blessings.
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