I survived my first week in ICU!

  1. ...which is exciting, at least to me! I feel like I had that "aha" moment that maybe some people don't ever have--that kind of moment where it clicks and you're like "this is why I went through the hell that is nursing school, this is what I was supposed to do with my life" I saw and learned so many new things and while it was, at times, uncomfortable and stressful, it was hands down the best week I've ever had job-wise.

    Just wanted to share
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  3. by   purplegal
    Good job. You're right, some people don't ever have that aha moment, as I am one of them. I still have no idea if going to nursing school was worth it. But congratulations on making it your first week and good luck as you continue moving forward.
  4. by   Georgia SRNA
    Woot woot! Congrats! Keep learning!
  5. by   dogmombyday
    Thanks! I learn more every day—I enjoy it more than I hoped was possible!
  6. by   airborneinf82
    Congrats! Soon that "aha" moment will change to an "oh s***" moment and you'll question what you are thinking! haha But we've all been there and stick with it and be a sponge! I've loved being in the ICU!