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    HI,...In my clicking around on line, looking for info. about cpap , bipap etc...I found https://allnurses.com, BelgianRN explained everything i was looking for & i found the guidlines for i.c.u nurses & cpap patients , that i,m sure , in my case...(were not followed) As a now, 55 yr old. & survivor from Dec/27/09 of a (pulmonary embulism with heart complications) & 3 very large m.m blood clot's, 1 settling in & blocking my main airway.took 2 days to get & keep me stablized before they could insert a picc to my heart, as the right side of it was blown up like a ballon,even died for allmost aprox.51/2 min.'s in i.c.u , i remember little, when i was transfered to a reg. room on c.c floor, i thought it was the same day i went into e.r, didn't know 4 days had pastin i.c.u, now the date was 1/1/2010 wow, what a new years eve party this was lol, anyway , my wife ended up having a (m) i.c.u nurse removed from my care after she told him the problem i was having with this mask & machine...he disregarded her info. He kept literaly slamming me down in the bed, i remember bits of arguing with some one (or something), (they were keeping me sedated but i would come too here and there) i remember trying to sit up becouse of this air machine on my face was slamming me with air so intense i (couldn't) breath, didnt know why it was there or anything, I tried to work with it to no avail. my wife would turn the out put down some on the cpap and i was fine and comfortable and gained adequit relaxed breathing , which was the intended breathing level they were trying to obtain. This "nurse" would come in , turn it back up again and the same for mentioned results would ensue, my wife pleaded for him to stop pushing me back in the bed, he would sedate me again. All this nurse told my wife in a rude maner is "He's been doing this job for a long time and knows what he's doing", He was removed from my treatment after my wife went to the shift superviser with a complaint, the nurse that took over listened to my wifes explination and adjusted the cpap and problem solved!!...All said and done, I have some problems left over from no oxygen to the brain and organs but i allso have some things i can only relate them to that damn machine...asophigus,gurd, breathing diaphram problems. I am still greatfull and my hat is off to the nurses no matter what level of expertise and have allways been becouse i know if it wern't for you people , I would be worse for ware from prev. medical problems and only a mental incopasitated person or complete fool, could not see, that you people ,ARE the people behind the curtain that put the word wellness/meaning in the dictionery and should be recognized as such, and last but not least... Is the nurse that realizes and knows by experience that in some cases , standard protocal is not going to sufice and takes it to task & look's off the beaten path to remedy the problem at hand becouse a doctor was so good that he becomes ignorent to even the possibility that the nurse could be right, the nurse went over attending's head and saves a life @ the risk of termination, That nurse is why i,m still here and able to leave this inspirational story (in my opinin) !!!... just remember nurses>> (M) OR (F)>>>YOU ARE THE HEALING FORCE !!!.
    THANK YOU !!!
    Kerry Cunningham](bad luck)
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