1. I just relocated from Missouri to Florida. Took a job at a small local hospital in the area and am going absolutely bonkers!!! I can NOT stand to be there another day! The way they do things is just so wrong on many levels. I came from a very large hospital and that is what I am used to but in seeking new opportunities, stepped up to the challenge to try something new.

    Needless to say, I am now in a world full of regret!! I have NEVER EVER in my life hated my job as much as do there. I am sad to say I would rather quit my job and be a bartender than work another day there under the current circumstances. It really hurts me to say that bc I love being a nurse but it's true

    I am not one to slander another, so I won't mention the name of the hospital specifically nor the area (bc that's almost a dead giveaway as well) but I will give a few choice names of hospitals I am very interested in working for.....and have thoroughly researched this time around (lol)......

    Tampa General would be my ultimate choice but I just can't do that commute everyday, it would kill me! So, sadly I have to eliminate that option....

    But....Sarasota Memorial.....that is much closer, it's a larger hospital, a teaching hospital, magnet, award winning beacon ICU, and from what I found has a very good cardiac program))
    Anyone have any leads or contact persons for their CVICU??? I have been in CVICU for 9 years, have tons of experience with that patient population and that's where my heart is. I have searched their career page virtually everyday looking for an open position there and have yet to find one in that specific unit.

    I LOVE Florida but my job is a very important part of my life and not liking where I am currently really has me contemplating moving back to Missouri.

    Any advice or help to offer?? Please))
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  3. by   Biffbradford
    What sort of things do you hate about it? At my last job, I would take report, look at the clock, and say to myself: " 11 hrs, 30 mins to go." I lasted a year.
  4. by   CTICU-RN
    In response to the above......The hospital just stated doing open heart surgery yet has no standards or policies in place for numerous things! The unit itself has no standards of practice and on day one when I asked if they had any was told they are just all doing what they are used to doing at their old hospitals....*** is that??!
    In general, the way they do things is so ass backwards it's beyond rediculous!! From pulling all of a patients central lines within 8 hours post op and putting in 1 PIV then sticking them for blood constantly to fast track extubating them, immediately advancing their diets and making them sick!!
    Meditech charting...and not even the upgraded point click version, the old black computer screen with green letter type meditech. It's not bad on charting an assessment bc it takes all of 5 seconds but the rest of it makes me want to scream!! They just went to CPOE yet still are double charting everything bc they have paper flow sheets for everything as well!!

    Now let me mind you, I come from a very large well known hospital so I expected this to be different but different isn't even the word to describe it!! And I also knew this was a "new program" for the hospital but It's not easy peasy once you start opening peoples chest and mucking with their heart!! It's so disorganized and chaotic. No one is on the same page and it's just making me want to rip my hair out!!

    Not just this unit I am in but everywhere else too!! I assisted in a code that could have been prevented that was a complete and utter disaster!! Let me ask you this, If your pts hr was 22 and their arterial line reading was 40s/20s progressing to a flat line pretty quickly, would you stand there and shake your head and wait to see if a NBP would pick up or check a damn pulse and start compressions??

    There's just a lot that really ****** me off about it, all of it and the thing is this....they treat their patients likes queens and kings, as they should, so the people that so go to that hospital think so highly of it bc they have had a good experience but to be on the inside and see how STUPIDLY run things really are just erks me to no end!! It's really not a safe place to be and it's not somewhere I would ever be proud to say I work(ed)!