At a crossroads

  1. I hope this post finds everyone well and enjoying the lead up to Xmas!

    I am at a loss for which area to next apply for a position.
    There is a large trauma hospital with a very reputable ICU (I don't believe it is a speciality ICUx as such most specialties trauma/neuro/cardiac are all together) that I would like to apply for and have a go at.
    I began my career in adult med/surg before spending three years in Emergency (adults and paeds) which I absolutely loved, but left to move interstate and began a transition program in PICU.
    Something about PICU never felt quite like ‘home' to me, so I left after 13 months to do Bank pool across the children's hospital (general wards, emergency and PICU but mostly general wards is where I do shifts).

    Whilst bank pool has been fantastic for the financial side of things (lots of overtime) I am beginning to feel that I want to be more challenged.
    Should I take the plunge and try adult ICU??
    I am comfortable looking after sick adults with my emergency background. In PICU I had patients on conventional ventilation as well as HFOV and got an introduction to CVVH however do not feel confident with that. Often had patients on inotropes, CPAP/BiPap in both PICU and Emergency.

    Im scared to take the plunge for two reasons:
    will I enjoy adult ICU? Obviouslt I don't know unless I give it a go, but perhaps I'm more suited to the Emergency environment and that's why I never felt at home in PICU?
    ive been told that overtime is rare at this adult ICU. Obviously none of us went into nursing for money, but it's always nice to have a few extra $$ at payday.

    Any advice from you guys is appreciated!
    Merry Christmas.
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  3. by   dread_pirate_roberts
    It really depends on why you like Emergency so much! I found that, as long as things were going smoothly (knock on wood), adult ICU can be a very "boring" and death-ful place (that also depends on what ICU you work in - I worked in a general surgical ICU with lots of futile care). There is SO much to learn and finesse, and in that way it is very interesting. If it's the adrenaline rush you're looking for, I wouldn't go to an adult ICU - those moments are few as long as your patients remain stable with interventions. I loved it, but you'll have to decide based on what you like about the different areas of nursing! Best of luck to you!