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Critical Care Nurse Residency Programs

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I know many hospitals have CC nurse residency programs. I'm curious about the class content as well as the lenght of time the programs last. Can anyone help?


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Hey, ours may change in the fall... but is is 12 weeks long clinical and didactic. You'll generally hit all the ICU's to get the most variety of experiences. Then once the group is chosen into units it's 6 or 8 weeks of orientation with the same preceptor.

I dont' think we take any LPN's or ADN's.


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I'm am currently in a residency/fellowship program in the MICU at a local hospital in GA. I graduated last December, and started the program May 3, 2010. The program has classes scheduled until December, 2010, with an average of 2 days a week; however, you still have to work 2-12hr shifts per week. I have the same preceptor every time, except for when she's on vacation; then, I'll have a backup preceptor. There are also exams that you have to take online regarding polices and procedures, and that's to be done aside all the classes and work days. It's a pretty busy schedule in the beginning, but I'm loving it. The classes are somewhat like nursing school all over again, but they get more specific about policies, procedures, informatics, laws and patient safety. I recommend a residency program because it gives you a solid training to start your career as a critical care nurse.

I hope that helps you :)


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