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Critical Care Exam Preparation

by MB37 MB37 Member

Does anyone have any advice on preparing for the critical care exam (for us it's the last exam in MS2)? Most of my review books don't have a critical care chapter to do questions from. Does anyone have one that does? Or know of any online? I don't mind buying access to more questions, if it's really worth it. I'm planning on just going over my notes, and doing my respiratory and cardiac questions for a second time. It just feels weird to me - I usually do upwards of 1000 relevant questions to prepare for each exam, so I'm not sure what to do when I can't just click the "critical care" box on each CD. The exam covers vents, hemodynamics, shock, ARDS, MODS, ER nursing/triage, and burns. Any suggestions? I can drive to B&N right now and pick up a new NCLEX book if anyone knows one with a lot of good ICU questions. Thanks!

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