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Criminal background check in texas bon for nclex-rn

Mae88 Mae88 (New) New

Hi guys,

Just wanted a help from anyone who knows the process in CBC Texas. I am an international nurse from Philippines and I don't have SSN, social security number to complete my identogo online registration for my CBC. It says that I need to have the regID at the end of the online registration for me to send it to morphotrust usa who will conduct the verification. I am also not aware how to pay the fee online of $41.45 to morphotrust. If anyone has an idea of my concern, please do not hesitate to post your messages. Thank you so much.

order a finger print card. go to the nearest nbi. let them have your fingerprints taken. register your card then send it.

Hi! where can I request a fingerprint card for cbc? I'm just starting to complete my requirements for nclex. thanks!

What state are u applying? If texas, email them and ask for fingerprint card at least 2 for you to be able to have an extra. Make sure to include your mailing address.

How can I request for a FingerPrint Card? Do I need to subscribe first to IdenToGo? if so, how can I do that? Im stuck in this step. Pls. Help.