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Creating a new website to help with COVID-19 medical supply logistics, need your input


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Hi everyone,

This is my first post here and in fact my first time visiting this community. I am a web developer in the Bay Area that wants to help improve the coordination of the COVID-19 medical supplies supply chain. To help coordinate interactions between healthcare workers, first responders, companies, and the general public. I have been a Frontend Engineer for about seven years and recently moved to the Bay Area to start a new job. I am from the Ann Arbor, MI area and got a BSE in Computer Engineering at UM-Dearborn. But enough about me!

I am working on a new web application (website) that's intended to help better coordinate the flow of COVID-19 medical supplies by offering a dashboard featuring a requests table that can be sorted/filtered by items, location, quantity, priority, etc. The goal is to allow views of the demand/supply from different levels (local, regional, national, etc) similar to Craigslist. I'd like to allow anyone to create an account and post either a request or offering of supplies. Users can add a photo and description of what they need or have to offer. Users can respond to posts or link posts together as related. Obviously there's a lot of potential scope creep, but the initial goal is to offer a tool for those on the frontlines of the virus to quickly communicate with the world what they need and how much of an impact it could have. This site is intended to cut through any red tape and get straight to the point.

I need your help to make this truly useful and not just something an engineer thought up without fully understanding the problem. Please tell me what you would like to see in terms of functionality. It would be helpful if you offer a priority level for each recommendation. I'm sure I've missed some obvious things that could be helpful, I'm all ears!

Lastly, I want to thank all of you that are doing your best to fight this virus. Words aren't enough to thank you!

Best regards,