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Hello, has anyone had experience applying to take the NCLEX with a closed CPS case from the past? The case wasn’t filed and no charges were made because I received help I needed at the time through their services. It was only opened because she was with me when I was arrested and that left no one to care for her. It’s hard to even think back on it as it was a very traumatizing incident. The arrest itself ended up being a misdemeanor that was dismissed so I was charged but never convicted. Since then I’ve been working at a hospital for 2 years. I haven’t had any other issues. I’m about to graduate nursing school though and I want to be upfront about everything to the board when applying to take the NCLEX. I’m getting proof of my counseling I received to submit to them. The DCS case just shows “substantiated - neglect.” But it was resolved and nothing filed. I appreciate help/advice!!


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Hi. I am sort of in a similar position. You can do a search for my thread. I have two CPS reports within a months time both were closed as “unfounded”. One was a false report made by a person who coincidentally served time in Indiana for stalking and harassing a family of highway patrol officer who’s son he had become obsessed with. He reported the officer as pedophile when the officer tried to intervene in the stalking. This same individual became obsessed with my son and his friend Danny. When I had Danny trespassed and arrested for underage drinking at my home the individual from Indiana got upset and retaliated and reported me for abuse. The second report came from when my son went missing and I posted a missing person’s notice online on Nextdoor app and one of Mom’s reported it to CPS…I don’t know maybe they thought it would help to find him…even though I already reported him as a runaway.  My son was about to turn 18 years old in a month when these reports hit and I’ve never had complaints before then.  Things have calmed down and my son has been recently diagnosed as bipolar and is getting treatment. I started looking at returning to school to finish up my prerequisites in nursing when another friend of mine warned that none of the schools in Utah will allow someone with CPS reports attend even if the reports are “unfounded”.  I recently requested the CPS reports through a GRAMA request and have done a self inquiry to see if I pull up in the database fo child abuse.

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