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coworker problems

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I am a new LPN working at a long term care facility. I love my job duties and my patients. While some of my co-workers are nice, I'm having problems with some others. Part of me wants to quit my job, and part of me thinks it will be no better elsewhere. My first problem was with my Director of Nursing. She makes the schedule 6 weeks in advance. I am per diem, so she calls me, tells me what shifts are available, and I pick and choose what I want. I got a phone call at 7:30am on Mother's Day saying I hadn't shown up for my shift of 7 to 3. This woman never asked me to work Mother's Day, and if she had I simply would have told her no, not taken the shift and not shown up without calling in. I called her to try and figure out what happened and she called me a liar and hung up the phone in my face. I have found out she has had scheduling problems like this in the past with others too. When I went to her boss I was told she"didn't want to get involved" and that the DON was a "hothead ", and to just work it out myself. I refused to say I knew I was working Mother's Day, and just didn't show up because it was a lie. When she made the current schedule, I went there in person, made photocopies and had a witness as to what shifts I took to try and protect myself. What else can I do? The second problem was with an agency nurse. The agency charges a lot of money, and so the supervisors told all of us per diem nurses that any shift we want covered by an agency nurse we can just take. We have started doing this and one agency nurse has retaliated with nasty comments, slamming doors, and refusing to share pertinent information. Again management refuses to intervene. What do I do? I have had two long term CNAs try and tell me what to do. I cut them both off and told them that "I am the nurse". I hate to be like that, and I don't think I"m better than anyone else, but it seems like all these people understand. Lastly, I had a fellow per diem nurse get snarky with me yesterday. A coworker is out for 3 weeks, and she and another co worker jumped on all of her hours without asking me if I wanted any. I had no intention of complaining about it. However, she told me "nursing is a 24/7 job, you should be pitching in on weekends , holidays and 11 to 7." This is comical as this person never works 11 to 7 or a holiday. Also she pencils herself in for doubles on Sunday, leaving only some Saturdays open. I admit I don't work 11 to 7, I told my supervisors upon hire that I was not able to work this shift due to school and my children, and they were fine with it, so what does she care ? As far as weekends, no I don't look for them but if there is no one to cover(and usually there are people who want the shifts) I pitch in. As far a holidays this woman has yet to work one and I'm the only one who agreed to work Memorial Day. I basically told her my schedule was between me and my supervisors, and none of her concern. Part of me really want to tell her to go to hell and mind her own business. How do I address these busy body hypocrites?

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