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COVID Adaptations - California Nursing Students

by jax225 jax225, EMT-B (New) New Student

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Hi all,

I am a cohort representative from a graduate nursing program in Northern California. I am reaching out to other student leaders wondering how you are approaching the fact that we are losing clinical hours this Spring and Summer.

Have you all asked admin to adapt programs to be primarily didactic, have you pushed for health corps hours to count, have you found ways to still be allowed into hospitals, etc. etc. etc?

A chief concern amongst students here is the ability to graduate and take NCLEX on time. Though it's certainly helpful that we can now have 50% of our clinical be simulations, this still doesn't encompass the vast amount of hours we stand to miss out on.

Ideally, we can all come together and figure out solutions to present to our admin, to the BRN, and to area hospitals. Please get in touch if you are interested!

Thank you