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Done with my resume finally. Now I need a cover letter to go along with it. Can someone tell me what should be included in one or hook me up with a generic version that I can alter to my needs. I'm not a great writer and dont want that to effect the way people view me. Thank you in advance.


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Here is the cover letter I used in my Leadership class. I did not send it because I already a job as an RN in the unit where I work now. Hope this helps! I used a generic form out of our book for Leadership class.

Jane Doe

1234 Main Street

Anywhere, USA 12345

January 24, 2005

Sally Smith

University Hospital

123 Avenue

Anywhere, USA 12345

Dear Ms. Smith:

I will be graduating from the Nurse Ratchett School of Nursing in May 2005 and am interested in becoming a registered nurse in the intensive care unit. Critical care has interested me since I began nursing school and I would like to explore that interest as a registered nurse. I am currently employed in your unit as an apprentice nurse. Prior to that, I was a critical care technician. I am very comfortable in the critical care environment and take pleasure in my work. The staff is excellent and provides wonderful nursing care. The supervisors and nurses have all been very helpful in my quest for more knowledge and experience. I have learned a great deal in the year I have been with University Hospital. I enjoy working with patients who are seriously ill and like the fact that in critical care, the registered nurse provides total care for the patient. All of these experiences have convinced me that I would like to work for you as a registered nurse upon graduation.

I will finish the program on May 2005 and plan to take my boards shortly after graduation. I will be available to start work immediately upon graduation, and would like to do so.

As a registered nurse, I believe that your unit will benefit from my becoming part of the team. I am confident in the skills that I have learned not only at Nurse Ratchett School of Nursing, but also in your unit. I believe in the concept of teamwork and I think the patients benefit when the nurses work together to accomplish their goals. I hope that I have shown you over the past year that I have a strong work ethic am dependable. I think all of these traits will make me a valuable employee and I hope to be given a chance to prove it. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 555-555-5555. If I have not heard from you in the next two weeks, I will phone you to see what your decision is on my employment. I look forward to discussing a possible position in the intensive care unit with you.


Jane Doe, ANII/Nursing Student


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thanks for the help...I'll utilize some of what you wrote in my own letter.

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