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County College of Morris Nursing Program

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Hello- I'm currently a student who has completed all Pre-Req's to apply for the Nursing Program at CCM - I was advised that the Program was very competitive so I panicked and applied for the Radiography program (Which is supposedly very competitive) However, I got accepted!! After completing the necessary health documents and CPR I had second thoughts and went to the Nursing dept. I spoke to a Professor and was advised that they could not gaurentte I would ever get into the program. I really don't know what to do...I even thought about transferring to William Paterson but from what I'm hearing they get 550 applications and they only accept the Top 25....I feel really frustated and it seems like these schools push you away....Please help - I really want to suceed in life - Should I just stick with the Radiography Program since I got accepted? Are there any jobs?

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