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Anyone in the process of interviewing or has interviewed at Raleigh School of Nurse Anesthesia? How did the interview process go? Any help is appreciated...and good luck for those appyling

Specializes in STICU; cross-trained in CCU, MICU, CVICU.

Found out today i got in !!!!..good luck...just be honest...if you don't know the answer tell DO NOT GUESS.....thats about the best advice i can give you...

Thats great focker! Where did u work before? I am coming from MCV located in Richmond, working in CSICU. I am really nervous yet excited. I wonder how many applicants they interview? Well if all goes as planned we shall be classmates!!

Good to hear! So how soon did they let you know from when you interviewed? How many people were in your group?

Specializes in STICU; cross-trained in CCU, MICU, CVICU.

I was cross trained in Surgical Trauma ICU, Medical ICU, CardioVascular ICU, and Coronary Care ICU. However I chose to work in STICU and have been there for almost 6 years now. I have my CCRN, TNCC, ASLS, ABLS, ACLS, and PALS as well as I obtained my Instructor cert for ACLS and PALS. I interviewed last year (late, Dec 19) and was placed on the waiting list. My interview was this past thursday (nov 4th) and I found out on Saturday via US mail. There were about 13-15 people in my group. They take anywhere from 30-40 students after interviewing somewhere over 75. They decide then and there. So it is a benefit to interview early. It is a great school. I have had many friends graduate from there. As I said don't BS, if you don't know it, tell them "i don't know"....Good luck

thanks for the info. Did they ask clinical questions? Any surprises? thanks again and congrats!

Specializes in STICU; cross-trained in CCU, MICU, CVICU.

your clinical question is based upon your NOT tell them you have used a piece of equipment that you have never used before, same goes with drips and drugs....know you receptor sites, swan numbers in relation to various types of shock....good luck

thanks for all your help.

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