Counselor to PMHNP


Hi everyone!!! I am currently researching career change from psychology/counseling to possibly becoming a PMHNP. I have a lot of experience working with serious mental illness, substance use disorder, and intellectual disabilities population doing group therapy, treatment plans, sending consents for psychotropic medication , and doing biopsychosocial. I am currently getting my master in mental health counseling and I will be graduating next year. Before I started this program, I looked into nursing and have been thinking about it for a while but chickened out and I now have decided this is something I want to do. I believe becoming a PMHNP will allow me to able to help clients more. I am looking into programs where I can keep my job and the program is cheap. I work for NYS OPWDD and they have a lot reimbursement programs for nurses as well as nursing jobs. I would also like to work so I can pay for schooling out of pocket. I have looked into the Monetifore RN program and Dominican College ABSN program. I know for Moneti I will just been getting and RN and then have to do an RN-BSN program(Looking into an online program). I was wondering if I have already done the prerequisites if I would have to do them again if I get accepted to Montefiore . Since I am psychology major(liberal arts major) I have already done all my liberal arts and I graduated with my undergrad in 2014. Please let me know, any advice would be great thank you!!!!