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I am currently a BSN student and plan to become a CRNA. Is there a comparison list of how much all of the CRNA schools cost (including everything, not just tuition) in the United States. I am having a hard time with financing my education, which I am sure everyone is with the economy of today. It would be helpful to go ahead and decide which schools I can afford and make sure I get all their educational requirements under my belt before I apply for a ICU job position. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


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As far as I know, no such list exists. This would be very difficult to maintain as schools are continuously changing their costs, and as we all know the cost of living in many areas these days is changing rapidly. I don't think it would be wise to choose a program solely based on its cost, though of course it is an important consideration. Personally, I started by looking at the schools I would consider, based on other criteria (location, duration, program design, clinical rotations, etc) then research the cost of those programs (I put all this info in a spreadsheet). In most cases, I believe I found the cost of attendance on the program websites within 5 minutes or so. But don't be surprised if these numbers change (perhaps significantly) before you're ready to begin a nurse anesthesia program. The easiest way to finance your education is with cash you've saved.... so when you start working, live off as little as possible and stash the rest away. Then you don't have to worry about financing so much!

As for prerequisites, the most common I've seen are statistics, chemistry, and biochemistry (or organic). I've only seen a few that require physics. Many schools want these prerequisite courses taken recently, such as within the past 5 years.

Good luck! :D

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