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Hello. I am writing a paper on why inmates should not recieve free medical and dental care, and looking for some ideas. I have already wrote some ways they abuse the system, and how it is unfair we... Read More

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    I really have mixed feelings about this. While I agree with a lot of what's been said, there's some really frustrating aspects to all of this.

    Just today I was dealing with an inmate who was disputing a $12 charge to his account for a hearing aid that cost the state $900. Why was he only charged $12? Because that's all the money he had in his account at the time.

    I couldn't help but think of all of the elderly people who've never committed a crime in their life who NEVER get hearing aids because they are so expensive yet ... this inmate gets a sweetheart deal and still complains about it.

    At a certain point, it does make you wonder what we are doing with corrections healthcare. I'm not arguing that inmates should be denied care all together but ... there should be more parity with the general population.

    If law abiding citizens can't get hearing aids then, I don't think inmates should get them either.

    I really agree with you. I feel like they shouldn't be denied healthcare but I have seen so much abuse of it. It is a really complicated issue.
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    I feel like they shouldn't be denied healthcare but I have seen so much abuse of it.
    I know! The abuse is unbelievable!

    In California, there's tons of law firms lined up waiting to sue the state for everything little thing because, afterall ... the state has deep pockets and, chances are, the inmates will never see that money, especially if they're lifers so ...

    These law firms are making big bucks and they've got everybody scared to the point that the inmates are having a field day taking advantage of the system.

    Although in California we've got some old Carter liberals on the federal bench who are driving most of the abuse. Once they're gone (these judges are in their '70s) and more conservative judges take over these cases, I think it will change eventually.

    But, in the meantime, the taxpayers are definitely getting hosed big time.
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    Of course a moral, ethical and compassionate society would make sure ALL its members had access to low cost and/or free health care.

    Just because we have not reached that level for taking care of ALL of our citizens, does not negate the fact that our prisoners deserve health care as well. If they can pay something, great, but if not, they still should receive care. We are responsible for them as much as the homeless guy on the street. They are still human beings.

    They get better care than the homeless guy on the street