Very Excited :)

  1. Just found out I'm a top candidate for a position as safety nurse as Soledad training center. I need to give references pass a background check.

    Can anyone tell me how long this takes, and what my chances are of getting the job. I am very excited right now as I have gone through three other interviews for safety nurse at different locations and have never gotten this far. To my knowledge, they have nine positions to fill.

    Thanks for any information.
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  3. by   katkonk
    Just for my own information....what does a safety nurse do. I am unsure what the job description is.
  4. by   lvnhopeful
    Hello KatKonk,

    To the best of my knowledge, a safety nurse enters the correctional system, gets 6-8 weeks of training, and then works with the prisoners/patients. Mostly from what my fellow nurses tell me, the lvn's are used for massive med passes. They work under the supervision of a RN. They generally work a straight 8 hour shift with a "working" lunch.

    Sometimes you get to work in clinics within the prison, and sometimes the nurse goes to different areas to pass meds.

    If you go to the California state website, it has listings for various state jobs such as safety nurse. You can look at the job descriptions for more information. If you are interested in a job in corrections in California, you take an online exam, which really isn't an exam, more an inventory of your experience and where you want to work. It is scored and then when jobs come up, you will be notified if any fit your experience and preferences.

    I hope that helps some
  5. by   LorrySchoenlyRNPhD
    Congrats on making it to the next level in the interview process. I am 'hopeful' that you get the position!

  6. by   katkonk
    Thank you very much for the explanation. I have been working in Texas corrections (through an agency), but they do not have a similar title, so I wondered what that label "safety" nurse meant. hmmm...I am familiar with the website for CA (thank you, though for including the info). I have not checked out that job description, so I will do that to get more acquainted with the CA terms. I am looking at possibly taking an assignment in CA, either through an agency or applying directly. The agency work here in Tx is very limited now (for RN's at least), unless you want to work all nights, or at their long-term care facility/nursing home. UTMB is the contracted entity that provides care, and they have gone on a massive hiring spree for RN's, so their need for agency RN's are few. I wish you the very best in your pursuit of the job, and I hope that you get in there soon. Tenacity has it's benefits!!! Best wishes. KK
  7. by   lvnhopeful
    Thanks for your support Kat and Lorry. They are checking references now and I hope to know soon
  8. by   jaxnsanjose
    Have you heard anything yet? I just got offered an LVN position there. Maybe we will get to work together! Good luck!
  9. by   lvnhopeful
    Hello Jax,

    Yes, they offered me a position also. Sent me a packett which should arrive today or tomorrow with paperwork and a form to be filled out for a physical.
    Sounds like we will be sharing the same orientation. Did they give you a starting date? I haven't been given one yet, maybe because I need to pass a physical first?
    My last problem will be to find a place to stay until we get paid. I live about three and a half hours out. One of my friends suggested Craig's List, so I'm going to start there.

    We will have to get together and compare notes
  10. by   jaxnsanjose
    Yay! I am excited for you. I haven't gotten a start date either but I bet you are right that we will both go through orientation at the same time. I will be commuting an hour and a half for the first month or 2 until we can move too. Not sure how that is going to work but I will deal with it, lol. I have been checking Craigslist too so if I find anything, I will be sure to pass the link on to you.
  11. by   lvnhopeful
    Thanks Jax,

    I'm sure we will have a lot to talk about. This coming week I will have my physical, then I will be able to send the packett back. I was told there are start dates on the next few upcoming Mondays......

    See you soon
  12. by   jaxnsanjose
    Yes, she told me every Monday except the week of Thanksgiving up until 11/30, which will probably be the one I have to do since I have to officially give two weeks at my work. Have you set a time to do your fingerprinting yet?
  13. by   lvnhopeful
    Hello Jax,

    I don't have a date for the fingerprints yet, but I am going to call tomorrow and try to schedule a time for Thursday. I have to find an apartment, so I will look around around then and see if something appeals to me. From what I've seen on Craig's list, its actually cheaper to live closer to the ocean.

    Most likely I will start on the 16th if they let me. I will let you know what to expect if I do
  14. by   EMI23
    Hi to both. Congrats on the new job!!!!

    well, I was just hired at a bay area prison too and have already went for fingerprinting about 3 weeks ago- Do you guys know about how long it takes to get a hire date?? this entire process is taking a LOOOONNNGG time!