Thinking about becoming a correctional nurse

  1. Hello all. I am considering going into correctional nursing in ohio. I wanted to ask for everyones input on this. I am a recent grad, have worked the last year and a half in a medium sized ER. I have also heard that male nurses are not taken to very well in the prison system, is this true?
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  3. by   tactmanrn
    To 82nd Airborne....

    First thanks for serving.......I once ran along those same roads.....
    Have been a Correctional officer and am now a Correctional RN. Also worked in a Level 2 trauma center for 7 years concurrent.
    I have inmates that wait for me to do sick call......I am the only male RN in our facility. The inmates dont want to talk to the women about certain complaints. There are very few of us but we are accepted and very much appreciated when stuff happens...... By the way Illinois pays pretty well.

    again thanks for serving and good luck
  4. by   tirzo13
    I'm a man, i don't see any problem.
    I'm sure the inmates would rather look at the women nurses than me, but as the above poster stated, most of them wait till the days/shifts i work to take care of their problems, mostly because i try to pretty much do my job and not ignore them, which has nothing to do with being male or female.

    anyway, male or female if you are a jerk you can guess how they will react.
    also, on your first few days, some will hate you, some will act really polite.
    both sides are testing you.
    just do your job, try to treat them with some respect, you should not have any problems.
    you don't have to be hard or cold, just do what you should do, when they act up be firm, but don't get into a shouting match with them or allow both of you to escalate.
    be firm and direct.
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    Thanks for your response. I have an interview in a couple days. I guess I'm just nervous at the idea of leaving my comfort zone (ER) being such a new nurse. I've been searching the web to try and get an idea of what to expect. The facility I have the interview with has approximately 2000 inmates with the majority being security levels 1 and 2. So it doesn't sound like too volatile of an environment. I feel confident in my nursing ability and hopefully my time in the ER will help me if I decide to go into correctional nursing.
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