Security And Deliberate Indifference

  1. Anyone Ever Find Out Your Patient Was Yanked Out Of The Hospital And Brought Back To Jail Ama? Less Than 48hrs After A Major Surgery?
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  3. by   **nurse**
    Security yanked him out?

    No, but once my brand new health vendor yanked a pt out as he was being prepped for major cardiac surgery, after a year of set up under previous vendor. Wanted to know if he "really needed it" and if maybe he could get a compassionate release and pay for it himself. Wonder how that lawsuit went? He got the surgery a week later.
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  4. by   nurseT
    I've seen them release inmates from custody to avoid paying for their healthcare. This is the first time I saw them deliberately take someone out of the hospital like that. Thankfully no complications occured. But they get a false sense of security when they go against advice and nothing happens. They think they are smarter than the doctors and nurses. They only need to be unlucky one time. Most of the time I'm pretty tough on the inmates, they have to actually be sick to get my sympathy. But yanking a Pt off a hospital bed really knocked me out. I guess I lost some respect for them since they lied to me and they are supposed to be the cops. You know? I hid that chart since I don't trust them now. I'm not sure they're not above falsifying a record.

    God, how did they get away with putting off cardiac surgery! Does the Sheriff and his designee get the left overs out of the medical budgets?
    Cause they act irrational.
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  5. by   **nurse**
    My case wasn't security, it was the health care vendor, the corp president pulled him out within a week of getting the contract. Most of the things we butted heads with security were kind of should infirmary patients get yard if they are in there for long term antibiotics, or should sunscreen be available in comissary.

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