Nurse at county jail

  1. Hello, anyone have any experience in working in a county jail as a nurse? Specifically Essex county jail ? What's it like ?? Thankss !!
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  3. by   Bob Loblaw
    I work in a county jail but not Essex. The difference between jail and prison is in jail there is alot of detox- alcohol and drugs. By the time they get to prison they are clean and sober and adapted to the penal system. In jail you get everyone from failing to appear before a judge for some small thing, to murderers on the TV news, to federal agencies (ICE< DEA< FBI<) dropping someone off over nite and picking up in AM. You get 18 y/o's crying for momma and the really crazy, men and women. All of em have some vice- booze,drugs, cigarettes etc and now they are going cold turkey with nothing to do all day.

    Its not bad work- as one of the recruiting things I got was it can be rewarding cause for most they have zero medical care (they all seem to have bad teeth). One thing I found different from hospital work is there is normally no provider on site, just on call so your triage and diagnostic skills must be good to know when to call. Also DOC really really doesn't like to take inmates to the ED. Disrupts everything and they always think it is part of an escape plan and they don't like to be on the road with em.

    The C/O's are always always your friends. Listen to what they say, they will keep you safe and out of trouble. Always remember the inmates are trying to get one up on you, never let your guard down.
  4. by   AF1003
    Thank you very much ! I've worked in a prison and they told me it's totally different and lpns give meds to about 200 guys a day Yikes.