New to corrections (Male LPN)

  1. Just recently became an LPN. I started looking for jobs with the highest pay and most flexibility so that I could continue going to school full time. I quickly came to the conclusion that corrections was the wat to go.

    I'm working for Wexford at the Miss. State Pen. Base is 18, 8 hour shifts, When I work in the ER I get an extra 25 dollars per shift, some places there give you 50 dollar shift bonus. I average between 20-24 depending on where and when I'm working.

    The work is really laid back. When I'm in the hospital it takes me 2 hours to do everything I need to do for my shift.

    I'm moving to Texas (Houston area) in March 08 and I'm hoping I can continue working in corrections atleast until I complete my RN.

    I was a little un-nerved at first, but like others here have said, they really treat nurses different. I've had no problems thus far. The officers tell me its because of my size. I'm an NPC National Level bodybuilder so most inmates ask me workout questions. I have to be honest, when they thank me, I tell them that if it wasn't for them I would'nt have a job. They really seem to appreciate hearing that.
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  3. by   ex1140
    Congrats! I'm glad that you like it so far. Not every one has the same experience or pay rate as you. Who knows, you may have found your permenant place in nursing. You can learn a lot in corrections.