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  1. I have to think of a topic to make and an hour long teaching presentation to a local women's correctional facility. This topic has to be related to Medical Surgical (common health problems) nursing. Please help with any ideas!!!! You don't know how much I would appreciate it :spin:
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  3. by   texascowgirl
    Female gynecological problems and treatment...and how bout focusing on UTI's, and prevention and management...there are lots of things that can clear up a UTI before it advances to the level of ABX therapy..e.g. cranberry pills/juice, acidophillus, active yogurt cultures, lots of water...
    oh heck..forget about it-they dont have access to any of that but water anyway....
    Ok, sexual health?
    Sexually Transmitted Diseases-signs/symptoms, treatment, prevention..
  4. by   **nurse**
    Women and cardiac disease? Hormone replacement therapy?
  5. by   RN702Nevada
    The 1st thing to come to mind was the gyno/std talk mentioned above...they would like that, and it would be easy. But, if you want to spend the extra time and research to give both them and yourself some really valuable info here's another idea: Do a presentation about solutions to drug/alcohol addiction that emphasizes the fact that there are effective alternative strategies to 12-step recovery groups/ rehabs. The majority of the women probably have a substance abuse history, and any who have looked into treatment have probably been told it's AA/NA or nothing. Chances are good you have been told the same thing in Nursing school...and if you plan further work with inmates or mental health work, now would be a great time to correct that misinformation. A good all-around sourcebook to get you started: AA: Not The Only Way Your One-Stop Resource Guide to 12-Step Alternatives by Melanie Solomon. My personal favorite alternative, which I have seen save lives: Rational Recovery: The New Cure For Substance Addiction by Jack Trimpey ( Of course you will have no trouble finding sources to present some info about 12 step treatment as well. This stuff is great for inmates because their release date is their 'big chance' to stay clean, since they are already detoxed and have had a lot of time for introspective thought. I have always found them very appreciative of this kind of info. Good luck with whatever topic you choose for your 'captive audience' !