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One of my main goals each night that I work as a Correctional nurse is personal safety. Unlike the traditional healthcare setting, there are many types of people you come in contact with. For... Read More

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    Quote from emilyy11
    I don't even think of what inmates have done when caring for them. I've been having to do wound care on a patient who (allegefly) killed his girlfriend then slit his wrists. He's one of the nicest guys.

    The sex crimes cell blocks are often the most nice and pleasant ones.

    I work for Armor correctional health services and they are so terribly managed. I love my job just not the people I work for.
    I don't let my care be affected by the offenders' crimes either. I learned to block it out and just do my job--I frequently know what they're in prison for, but I really don't care.

    That being said, I find the sex offenders really friendly, too! Unfortunately, I have to keep in mind that these guys have frequently used their "friendliness" to draw in children or young adolescents (we have a lot of child-molesters at the medium-security facility where I work--they tend to be non-violent)--and they are probably manipulating me the same way. And the mild-mannered guys may be quite different on the outside, where they can get drunk or high or immersed in violent lifestyles(gangbanger or pimp). Basically, I just try to keep in mind that they are probably trying to put their best face forward around the nurses, and maybe aren't really as nice as they seem--they could turn on me at any time. I know that's cynical, but look at the guys who recently escaped from the honor block of their institution--they had been model prisoners for decades, then suddenly effected an escape, with the help of a (of course) nurse. You just never know.