LVN and CO interaction

  1. I have been working in geriatrics for ten years. Two years as an LPN/LVN, most of that as an LPN in WA state in a SNF facility where I was lucky enough to gain experience with IV ABTs via PICC, post op and extensive wound care, and collecting all sorts of lab specimens . Of course everyone knows that in SNF facilities, at least in WA, LVN scope is much broader than it would be if I were to have started off working in a hospital at least if you are IV certified within your facility. I've read many posts, actually almost all of them, under the correctional nursing forum, and they have answered most of my questions. I have accepted a position with corrections and I know my scope will not be anything compared to my current/previous experiences. One reason that I chose to go for corrections was because I would have better retirement benefits than if I stayed in LTC/SNF. My question: I am curious about whether or not a CO will be required to be with me during the time I am passing meds or doing pt care. If they are not required, must they still accompany me upon my request? I have heard many negative things in regards to this from a couple of LVNs who work through a registry who state that when they have asked a CO to walk the line with them they sometimes are scoffed at, but are afraid to insist for fear that the CO will retaliate and falsely report that they were overly familiar with an IM and lose their job. I don't want to assume that they are right because perceptions are always different and of course who am I to assume I know what another co-worker's position fully entails. I would like to get some advice on what I do without causing a "riff" in the workplace with my co-workers if I were to encounter this situation. Thanks.
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