Looking for employment elsewhere...

  1. I have 2 years in correctional nursing as an LPN and would like to move to one of the following states: Idaho, Iowa, Maine,
    Massachusetts, or North Carolina

    If anyone out there working in corrections can give me a phone number to a DON to talk to about relocating I would greatly appreciate it. Anyone with PHS would be ok because I already work with PHS. CMS is also ok (they used to be in our facility before PHS out bid them).

    If anyone can help please....
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  3. by   Rambo-ette
    if you go to the website WWW.CMSSTL.Com you will find job listings. CMS has the contract at Forsyth County Jail in Winston-Salem N.C. It may also have contracts at some of the other areas you mentioned, should say on the website.
    Good Luck.
  4. by   probable cause
    <<I currently work for PHS. They are in it for the bucks. Profit, profit. I asked to get something as simple as an updated drug guide, IV guide, and a current comprehensive manual on diseases and conditions. My boss told me to check back in a "few months", which roughly translates to forget it.

    I work PRN so I tell them when I'll work otherwise they work the full time nurses to death.

    I've seen nurses get shorted on their hours, or the DON promises to pay a nurse double time for a crisis fill in shift then doesn't pay up.

    To me, this outfit is bad news!

    They hire an "HSA" who is in charge of the entire medical unit. No doubt that person's job is to cut costs and in turn I'd bet money this HSA gets a big fat bonus at the end of a quarter if money is saved.

    If you're experienced or new at nursing my advice would be to stay away from this outfit!>>

    You posted the above on 07-21-2003. I respect your opinion but do you really think it will help you gain employment with this company? Not likely.
  5. by   GARYLPN
    I am not concerned about gaining employment with PHS or any other company. I do my work well, I have a license in good standing, and I treat patients with dignity and respect. Considering the shortage in Nursing, worrying whether or not I'll work for PHS or any other nursing firm is the least of my worries.

    On top of that most contract nursing services in corrections are all under the gun to save the bucks to show a profit whether it be PHS, CMS or Pop's outfit.

    I do have more respect for PHS than my previous message might indicate. I did have some not so good times with PHS and perhaps I was blowing off steam at that time but things have improved and I am not so disgruntled.

    I appreciate your remark and honesty but honestly from my viewpoint worrying whether or not PHS would hire me is almost laughable in the ever increasing shortage in the world of nursing and hopefully I'll have my RN license by next May which will make it even more laughable.
  6. by   NurseBenz
    I know each facility and manager is different but I worked for PHS almost 12 years ago when I was an LPN and found it to be a great company to work for...good wages, $11/hr in 1991 wasn't bad along with 24 days paid vacation annually.

    Also if you want to transfer to another facility that PHS has, why not just meet with your HSA and let him/her arrange a transfer for you?
  7. by   probable cause
    <<...whether or not PHS would hire me is almost laughable...>>

    I agree.
  8. by   Aurora
    I have just quit a PHS per diem job and I will not apply with them again. They do, indeed, tell you they will pay you time and a half for taking a shift they are desperate to fill. But - try collecting that money -- and how are you going to prove it was promised? They don't bother to provide even the simplest, most inexpensive items to make the work easier or the care better. Finding out any information about benefits is next to impossible. (I know that from when I was working full time for them. . .very briefly.)

    So -- if you must work for PHS --- get everything in writing UP FRONT!
  9. by   probable cause
    ...and your point is?
  10. by   Aurora
    I'm not sure whether your ever so clever question was directed at me, Probable Cause, but, if it was --- my point is: work for PHS at your own risk because you have been warned by two posters to this thread.

    What axe are YOU trying to grind?
  11. by   probable cause
    I have no axe to grind so before you go off the deep end why don't you re-read Gary's first post and then re-read his other post (the one I copied). My point is, and it's a simple one so let me get you started, if you post your displeasure with a company the way Gary did and then ask for employment with that same company...

    <<work for PHS at your own risk because you have been warned by two posters to this thread.>>

    Other than the three of us, the only other person to post in this discussion praised PHS. You missed the point of my original post and seem intent on bashing a company based on your experience. Thanks for the warning but I like to base my decisions on something other than disgruntled employee's opinions.
  12. by   Aurora
    Okay, I get it. You simply enjoy anonymous obnoxiousness. Knock yourself out. I'll assume you are only pretending you missed the point.
  13. by   probable cause
    Touchy, aren't we?
  14. by   Aurora