Interviewing in May for a position at Maine State Prison

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    Well, in May I am going up to Warren, Maine to interview for a full-time RN position at Maine State Prison. I'm very excited since I've been working LTC since I got out of nursing school. The pay is good & the benefits are pretty great too (way better than what I'm getting here in western KY). I was just wondering if anyone here knew anything about the prison itself? I'm very excited but I won't get my hopes up too high until I actually go up there & see the place. I've been reading all the comments here about correctional nursing & it definitely sounds like a good career. Thanks for all the info. Hopefully, this will be a place where I will finally find my calling. LTC is not where I want to be. I've always wanted to be a trauma nurse & you do get some of that in the prison. Except you send them out asap! Anyway. wish me luck!

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  3. by   Bantu-boy
    Best of luck
  4. by   Orca
    I liken prison nursing to being a nurse at a small town hospital - because essentially you are. You see a little of everything, from scrapes and bruises to shootings, stabbings and MIs. You often have to function on your own, and decide when to call the physician on call (if you are working after hours). It isn't for everyone, but for those of us who have chosen to make it a career it is one of the best-kept secrets in health care.