1. Say That 3 Times Real Fast. I Have A 20 Yo Female At The County Level That Has Been In Icu For The Last 8 Days Due To This Rare Genetic Disorder. We Have To Get A Registered Dietician To Design A Diet For Her When She Returns As She Cannot Eat Any Fat, It Almost Killed Her This Time. Anyone Ever Heard Of This? I Have Had The Sickest Of The Sick At The County Jail Over The Last 8-9 Months Or So. God,it's Been So Crazy. I Wrote The Judge A Letter To Try To Get A Compassionate Release For Her And They Just Won't. She's Not A Serious Criminal, Just A Brat. They Just Released Another 19 Yo Brat With Cystic Fibrosis. 8 Nebuliser Treatments Per Day, 2 Pulmonary Percussion Vest Treatments Per Day. Tube Feed While Asleep, Psuedomonas And Mrsa Combined, And He Was Diabetic! He P****d Off The Judge And The Judge Decided To Show Him Who's Boss. The Kid Was Non Compliant With Everything, Hung Upside Down Off The Top Bunk And Broke His Mic Button (feeding Tube). Convinced The Officers To Give Him Cans Of Tube Feed During The Day Since He Didn't Like The Food And Subsequently Ran Out Of Feed. Would Tell A New Crew " No I Don't Do The Percussion Treatments Until 10 Am, Then Tell The Next Crew That He Didn't Get His Treatments. All His Care 3 X Dly Took 2 1/2 Hours Each Time. The Officers Were Freaking Out. Then When I Put Him In A Negative Airflow Cell, His Cf Doctor Calls Me And Rips Me A New One. She Said I Was Punishing Him And He Was Sick. Evidently He Told His Family At Visitation That We Were Being Mean To Him And Had Put Him Solitary Confinement. Man, I Need Some Time Off!
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