Heard a rumor about Nevada?

  1. I heard that correctional nurses are more then likely going to get a 12% raise this july, Any word on this. I heard a 2% for all state emplyees and 10% to nurses. This would bring base rate from 68,844 to 78,225 a year. Just wondering if this may be true. Thanks
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  3. by   High Wall U - RN
    Haven't heard this one yet. I hope it's true though. I work at the prison in Ely. I'll ask around and see if I hear anything and let you know.
  4. by   surgnurse26
    I heard they are trying for a 2 grade increase(37 to a 39) for nurses if legislation approves plus the 2% cost of living raise. Let me know what you heard about this. I have heard this from a few admin and recruiters for that state. Hopefully legislations passes it which i heard is more then likely to happen.
  5. by   High Wall U - RN
    Have you heard if the pay raise will include LPN's? The last time we got a raise it didn't include them and there were some hard feelings...and rightly so I'd say.
  6. by   surgnurse26
    I can't tell you if that includes LPNs, I myself am a RN. But i agree with you also, i hope that this raise includes you guys. But clarify this for me, you did here that RNs are going to possible get this raise in July? I hope we all get this raise. Just keep me updated on what you here.
  7. by   jjewels49
    I hope LPN's are also getting that raise ? I feel it will start a lot of grief if Rn's only get the raise. I come from the east coast where LPN's do everything except hang blood every job I ever had back east I was charge nurse it is not a big deal out there. I find Nevada twenty years behind the times in all areas of nursing.I need two semsters of nusing for my RN and never bothered because I was making $80.000 a year the difference between RN and Lpn's pay was about $1.50 an hour so why would I lose $80.000 to make an extra $1.50 until I came to the west coast I think is a bit much and they need to catch up with the times. any east coast nurses out there ? Please give everyone your opinion jjewels49
  8. by   High Wall U - RN
    I haven't heard any dates but I've heard it's in the legislature and will be voted on. I'm an RN too working in the prison setting. We have some very talented LPN's that need to be recognized by getting a raise too. The last time the state employed nurses got a raise that meant registered nurses NOT licensed practical nurses...talk about a slap in the face....
  9. by   uraqt2
    Well, we got some more info that RN's should be getting the raise in July; however, this DOES NOT include LPN's or CNA's. I guess I shouldn't have expected anything less since just a couple of years ago the same thing happened. So the point is if you're an RN you get a raise, If you're a LPN or a CNA be prepared to be disappointed AGAIN!!!!:angryfire Pretty typical of nursing that if you're not a RN you're made to feel like you're not worth a thing (not by other nurses I might add)
  10. by   uraqt2
    ok we got another update that now lpn's are included in the proposal for the raise in july; however, still no word on the cna's. they are still working on that. sure do hope that all will be included.
  11. by   jjewels49
    Hi I sure hope your right everyone deseves the raise. It is a known fact that per capita in US Nevada has the worst nursing shortage and things that happen like this are the reason why I know many nurses that left Nevada because of this reason. Ithink I will just ask my DON what is going on Will post when I get a reply jjewels49
  12. by   surgnurse26
    I heard the two pay gray raise has passed, but can't clarify this for sure. but just wondering what others may have heard. is there a way to look it up on the state of nevada web site, can't find it.
  13. by   jjewels49
    Hi I heard that we are getting a two pay increase a friend of mine was hired and was told of pay increases but I will belive it when I see it.We did get funding at HDSP for four new units and they are breaking ground on May 9 so I think we are getting a substantial raise and will be hiring more staff if you hear any more let me know. I looked on the internet but could not find it so I will just wait and see but I am quite sure it is true.If you hear any thing new let me know jjewels49
  14. by   jjewels49
    Hi I guess we all have received are pay checks and rumor was correct.Hope every oene is happy:trout::angryfire

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