first shift in this environment, wow!

  1. Hello fellow correctional nurses.
    I am an RN who has taken the road of agency nurse. I vowed to never do that cause I thought it would be detremental to my license. However, I am doing it now. I have been nervous at times but am having lots of fun and excitement and experiences. I worked at the large county jail over the weekend to find that I was the only nurse on duty for all 7 jail blocks. I did have a two hour orientation on thursday but that was overwhelming enough just being in a new and different environment. WOW, was it freaky.......anyway, by the weekend I was very uneasy about the whole concept of working there. But after a prayer and 12 hours of this new environment, I was so was the most funnest, exciting, rewarding, adrenalin causing fun I have ever had in nursing! Maybe I should go into ER..........I hope to do more shifts at this facility if they need me..........Now I see why you nurses love this job.......
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    weel I'm glad you like it'I've worked corrections a little over 11 years now depends on what state you work in but it has its problems like all nurses from what I read here and it's getting ready to go through some major changes in calif.but yes you see things you would not see anywhere else and it is hard to explain to anyone who hasnt been there,but always,always remember where you are working and what kind of patients you are working with.the biggist mistake I see in the health field in corrections is many a nuse or doctor forgets what they are working with and I have seen them get in serious trouble.
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    Thank you for your comments. I haven't been back there yet but would if they called. They contacted my agency and told them how much they loved me...........that was a great feeling.
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    Wow that is good news to hear.
    I love it.Its a different kind of nursing.
    My first shift however made me dizzy.
    Being so confined is hard to get used to.
    Also the continual begging at the gate
    and the age old admage:
    Call the medical line and put in a request!!!!!