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I am hoping some of you can answer a question for me. I am a man and an ICU nurse. I have been offered a part time job at our county jail. The pay is good and I am looking forward to learning about a... Read More

  1. by   RN.38SPCL
    Quote from WYDiceDancer
    The first thing you have to remember is that you are no longer working in a medical facility, you are providing health care serices in a correctional setting. Security is first, everything else (including medical care) comes second. If you can get your head around that, the rest will come easily.
    Exactly. If you have a request from a female and think you'll need to assess in person, go to the floor officer and tell him or her that you need to see "soandso" as soon as the officer has time. If they don't bring her, then you don't see her.
    Security has the last word unless it is a life or death situation. If she's got a booboo, write her back and tell her to put a bandaid on it until the officers will let you see her. Jail is not the service industry. You don't have to be so nice that they come back. Comfort issues are not addressed. Never be alone with an inmate!!!!
  2. by   ArizonaMark
    I've read the above comments, and I can assure you it depends upon the facility whether you will be alone or not. I work nurse sick call often in a 2k inmate facility. 9 times out of 10 I am left alone with ALL inmates, male, female, DUIs, even murderers.
    Granted, the guards are some 25 or so feet away, down the hall in another room. Just enough time to get shanked some 5-6 times I would guesstimate, LOL!
    Am I uncomfortable?
    Hell yes!
    I do really enjoy my job, the autonomy, the challenges I face daily. But, the constant sense of danger is off-putting. My only solace is I continuously monitor the movement of every inmate in my office.
    As for females, I must insist that a CNA be present or a gaurd when any type of assessment is performed beyond the typical vital signs and whatnot. And, of course in response I get from staff is the typical eyes rolling, sigh and, "Tisk" response.
    I suppose there are better facilities. I would suggest you spend several hours observing the nurses in action. Even one hour would enlighten you to much of the operation I imagine.
    Good luck and best wishes,
    Mark :smilecoffeeIlovecof:smiletea2:
  3. by   bollweevil
    Your instinct is exactly right, PM. Insist on a female guard being with you any time you are caring for a female patient. 2 would be better.
  4. by   bollweevil
    Quote from MadisonsMomRN
    I would just make sure that you are never put in a situation like that. I would request that a correctional officer be with you when you are with inmates. At the facilities that I work at there is always a guard with us. We always have a guard present if the inmate is out of the cell.
    Don't "request". Require. Do not see the patient if no witness is with you. Best to have a female witness with the female client.

    If it's a life or death situation or a case of the patient being seriously maimed if you don't see her stat, there should already be guard staff present to control the scene, summon the ambulance, get other parties out of the area, etc. Always, always the priority is your own safety.
  5. by   Foxy78
    I think getting away from females is the sole reason I looked into corrections nursing in the first place, lol (sorry ladies, but there is only so much female chit-chat a man can take!)
  6. by   RN.38SPCL
    Quote from Foxy78
    I think getting away from females is the sole reason I looked into corrections nursing in the first place, lol (sorry ladies, but there is only so much female chit-chat a man can take!)
    No problem, I work with men to avoid it too and I'm female.
  7. by   humglum
    I work in a men's prison (and I'm a female nurse). When I do routine sick call I am frequently in an office with an inmate with nobody else present although there is a CO outside and all the doors are open.
    It is completely acceptable to ask for a chaperone and I would do that if I were you. Female inmates can be manipulative and, well, nasty.
    Good luck!
  8. by   bighousenurse
    you are supposed to have a guard with you at all times when tx an inmate. do not let a guard off the hook by telling him you got it covered! no matter how "safe" you feel with an inmate, or how well you think you "know" them! make the officer do his job. inmates are scum...they have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to think up ways to make someone (staff) trouble. it is how they deal with being locked up, and is a source of entertainment for them. they blame the "system" for their problems, "we" are the reason they are where they are (in their minds). believe me when i tell you this...do not become "complacent" in your job duties, you will get yourself jammed up eventually! i've seen it happen, and the institution will ultimately point the finger at you, because you know the rules. they can't control the inmates actions, but they can control yours! always think before you act, and don't cut corners just to get the job done faster, you will pay for it in the end.

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