Ethical Dilemma / Dual Loyalty

  1. Hello Fellow Nurses,
    I am an RN to BSN student and I am working on a research type project in public health, dealing with dual loyalty and the moral/ethical conflicts, and their consequences in correctional health care. I was wondering if any correctional nurses would be willing to give me some examples of times where you felt torn between providing care to your patients and their human rights or doing what is demanded of you by guards or prison officials. Also if any of you want to share how if you do or don'r feel that this added burden of dual loyalty etc leads to increased burnout etc. Any advice or stories that any of you have be a great help. Thanks in advance
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  3. by   CryssyD
    There is one offender who has been in segregation for months, and I think it's affecting his mental health. I know the prison is trying to arrange a transfer, to a facility where he would at least have a cellmate, but it's difficult because of his medical conditions. My personal feeling is that he's in segregation for minor, petty offenses, but those are the rules. The mental health department is involved, but if there's no appropriate place for him at another prison, he stays where he is. He can talk to other offenders on the block, he isn't totally isolated, but it's not normal interaction.
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    Thanks for the example and input!