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  1. Hi everyone. I'm a relatively new nurse in the correctional setting. I work prn (mostly weekends) in the jail for a moderately large metropolitan area. I took the position because I am in graduate school (adult nurse practitioner program) and had been out of clinical nursing for a while and needed a primary care-like setting to prepare for the clinical rotations. I had some reservations about it at first, but since I have been there, I agree with the other nurse on the list who said that it's the best kept secret in nursing. I really love it and am considering it as an area of practice after completing my grad degree. I am currently enrolled in an informatics class and as part of our assignment we are to participate/initiate discussion on a list serv about a topic related to an area of interest in nursing, and then write a short paper (3 pages). I would really appreciate hearing from any nurses out there about what they think are some of the hot topics in correctional nursing, and maybe through this discussion forum, we can all exchange some helpful information. I am in the process of researching articles written on correctional nursing issues and I will share those with you when I'm finished. Hope to hear from you soon.
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    I would like to network with anyone in Texas regarding Forensic and/or Correctional Nursing. I have been a nurse since 1979, and am continuing my education towards Forensic Nurse Practitioner by obtaining double bachelor's in nursing and criminal justice since there is not a specific program available yet in Texas other than certification courses available on the net. I wish Fitchburg State would offer their degree totally on the internet since it is virtually unheard of in Texas, and education is limited is this area of expertise. As many of you know Forensic Nursing has a tremendous role in Correctional Nursing. If anyone is aware of any other programs available in Texas, please let me know.
    You can also contact me at

    You can also contact me at