Capstone Presentation on Correctional Health Nursing-I need your help!!

  1. Hello All!

    First, I want to say that I am happy that I could a place to chat with other correctional health nurses!!

    I am finishing my last semester in a BSN program and we have a capstone project as our final project. I would like to present in on correctional health but I am stuck at a road block and would love any input on how to begin this..

    Here is the assignment:

    • The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate the synthesis of a variety of theories and concepts from the arts, sciences, and nursing learned throughout the nursing program. Emphasis will be placed on Modeling and Role-Modeling theory as it serves as the foundation for the undergraduate curriculum.

    • Identify a topic that is an issue or problem for families, populations, or systems within the framework of nursing. (If you are uncertain about the appropriateness of a topic, please consult the instructor.)

    • Select a work of art that has overall relevance to the topic. This may be a painting, a poem, a photograph, music, or other type of art. The art should in some way be meaningful to you in your perception of the issue you will address.

    • Describe how this art symbolizes the issue. What is your interpretation of what the artist is conveying? Discuss the artist or the type of art.

    I was thinking of a photo of someone balancing on something?

    Let me know your thoughts..I am struggling on how to put it all together and present it for 35 minutes to the class along with a power point..

    Thank you!!!
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  3. by   prison_nurse

    This is quite an undertaking!

    I have a couple of ideas:

    Prison culture - e.g. security is considered the primary focus in the correctional setting. Consider the difficulties faced by new nurses working in an environment where "caring" for patients may be perceived as "babying inmates". etc...etc... Do those nurses stand their ground, or do they change to fit in with the dominant security culture?

    Theories I would use include Bandura's Social Learning Theory... Can't think of another one off the top of my head...

    As far as art? Hmm... That would come later!

    The other idea is prison as the new mental hospital. This is definitely a problem. The mentally ill end up in prison because of the lack of mental health care in the general population. You could go many ways with this - lack of availability of newer meds, overcrowding because of increase of inmates, security environment vs therapeutic milieu, difficulty hiring qualified providers...

    Theory - Hildegard Peplau perhaps - interpersonal relations.

    Art - my favorite pic - Edvard Munch "The Scream".

    I hope this has been somewhat helpful...

  4. by   jenc0213
    Thanks for your help ! Very helpful..I am thinking of moral distress in correctional health..considering we deal with this issue quite often!