CA Correctional Nursing(CDC); RN vs MTA

  1. Hi All,

    I'm interested in CA correctional nursing with CDC and I would like to get a better understanding between RN and MTA job descriptions. I've checked out CDC website and got some information but I prefer to get it from actual employees. What are the goods and bads between these jobs including benefits, pension and working conditions. Is part-time position possible as a MTA/RN?
    Any info. is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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  3. by   Aurora
    Has anyone told you that, even though you are an RN, you cannot function as an RN in the MTA classification? MTAs make more money and have better benefits.

    They are also lazy, nasty, useless, despicable and ought to be beaten senseless.

    Just my objective opinion.
  4. by   fiestynurse
    If you are interested in Correctional Health Care, you would be better off applying at one of the jails. Where in Calfornia are you?