Abuse? - page 2

Inmate X has charges of XYZ. At another jail, this inmate was allowed a kind of informal undeclared PC status because there were multiple assaults and threats to the inmate's life. When he went to... Read More

  1. by   freddiebear
    When it comes to abuse I think the law is very clear.

    Even though someone is working in a prison cant an inmate complain to the RN board in regards to allegations of abuse?

    Sounds like there needs to be a definate medical evaluation done as to the mental fitness of this man. As in if he is refusing to take care of himself ( his right to refuse or perform self care) or is he legally incompetent, unable to make his own decisions and needs someone else to?

    Also, in a prison setting isnt the safety of the staff a concern, considering the type of people you are dealing with?

    One clue to this inmates behavior would be what was his mental status before he got locked up. If it was in normal range then there is a good chance he has morphed his personality into whatever will bring him the most profit. As in controlling the nursing staff with his unacceptable behavior.

    Nothing that an MRI of the brain wont solve.