4'11 and weight 110 pound. Will they hire someone like me? - page 2

I would like to know if I my height is 4'11 and weight only 110 pound. Would they not hire me because I am small and facing IM that are big?... Read More

  1. by   nurseitout
    When I worked for corrections, we had rules in place that never allowed us to be with an inmate without a corrections officer present. Depending on security classification, the inmate could also be in shackles or accompanied by more than one guard. I am on the smaller side as well at 5ft 6 and 105lbs. My stature was never an issue as I was never in a situation where I might be overpowered or need to do heavy lifting alone (we had a no transfer/movement policy, if an inmate fell unconcious and we could not revive him/her, the person stayed where they were until EMS from the hospital arrived).
  2. by   Orca
    Quote from BadgerBoy
    I worked in Corrections in WI for 8 yrs, as a C/O (correctional officer) not a "prison guard".
    I was a correctional officer years before I went to nursing school. It drives me crazy that the news media repeatedly uses the term "prison guard", which conjures up an image of an uneducated oaf who just carries a bunch of keys around. They also interchangeably use the terms "jail" and "prison", most often using the term "jail" for any incarceration although they are distinctly different entities. They also can't wean themselves from the phrase "behind bars", even though only the most ancient of prisons typically have bars on cells anymore.