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HELP! I'm running short of time. I need 6 ceu's, specifically correctional. On line is the only way I can get them in time to re-certify for my CCHP renewal. I've checked out every single CEU site I can find,even the ones who claim to have correctional courses,but I've found none. Can any one help?I need to have them done and to the NCCHC by Jan.31 2001.I'll love ya forever if you can deliver!!! eek.gif

You may want to double check the requirements for the CCHP CEUs.

It does have to be correctional, but I believe it can be informal CEUs that you obtain at the worksite - maybe through your annual training onsite.

Per NCCHC's website:

There are two categories of continuing education activities:

Category 1: Any continuing education activity specific to correctional health care, including any activity with health-related topics that is conducted within the correctional setting or with topics that address providing health services in a correctional setting. A minimum of six hours from Category 1 is required.

Category 2: Any continuing education activity that you choose, according to your profession and availability of resources. There is no minimum requirement for Category 2.

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