Coppin State University Nursing Program

Nursing Students Pre-Nursing


Anyone apply to the nursing program or currently in the nursing program here? Is it good? Do you like or recommend? The only threads I've seen are from years ago so, I think a update would be nice.

I applied for the accelerated program for Fall 2018. I'm still waiting to hear from them. I posted a thread a few weeks ago that got no responses. Did you apply already or are you still thinking about it?

I just applied yesterday for the BSN progrm(hopefully they are still accepting applicants). But, I didn't even get a confirmation email or anything. I am about to call them right now to see.

Were you able to speak to anyone?

Yea. They said they are not accepting applicants anymore for the fall. The deadline was February 15. And they will start accepting applications for Fall 2019 on July 1st.

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